Wednesday 15 October 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Busy Wednesday

Well, I think I have finally kicked into "Non-Stop-Create" mode!

Realizing that if I want to have all these cool things under the tree this year I am running out of time has helped to shock me into starting numerous projects :O
So much so, that there are quite a couple of things I plan to do today that aren't even on the photo above!

Let me start to tell you about what I plan to do today. 
(Whether I get all of them done or not is another thing!)

I plan to:

Make soap - Done
Warp my loom - Done
Repair all the sewing goodies lying around
Write this blog post - Done
Sew something with my new machine ;)
Visit some of my Wednesday online friends

So with that in mind I need to get going.

These are the projects that I am sharing with you in today's post:

Tardis socks

These are progressing nicely and I am glad that I have finished the colour-work for a while, as by knitting them two at a time on the magic loop I became very entangled in my yarn and spent more time untangling myself than knitting at one point!

Drops Fabel

These are a "Surprise" creation that I have been playing around with for a while and they will become Kay's new Christmas socks :)
I will share more of the pattern as I go along and hope to have them somewhere more colourful for you next week!

Can you perhaps guess what the colour-work will include?

Now onto my un-started projects:

Drops Baby Merino

My loom is finally empty - yay!
I will finish up the project that I removed from the loom to share with you on Friday.

Above is my colour selection for my new weaving project.
The dark yarn is not black but actually marine and looks more like this:

I will be weaving, or attempting to weave a Ravenclaw Scarf for Jas.
Yip, do you see a pattern forming with this years festive gifts?

This yarn is waiting to be cast on and will be used to create a pair of gloves for Kay.

Before I go, I would like to remind you all that you only have a couple of days left to sign yourself up for the Secret Santa Handmade Bookmark Exchange.

To do so please go HERE

Secret Santa Bookmark Exchange

I wish you all a creative day and rest of your week.
I will be sharing this with all my creative Wednesday Friends

See you soon.

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  1. I am totally exhausted just reading about your day today~~~ and all the projects going. You make me look like a complete slug!!!! (I'm off to cast on a couple more things!)

    1. Hi steph,
      Thanks so much for visiting, you gave me a good chuckle.
      Don't feel bad - I think I have a little problem - I cannot sit still for longer than 3 minutes without my hands itching to get going, so that is why I am always busy, it is genetic I am afraid :( all of my family are a bit like that!
      Have a super day.

  2. You are my hero today! I will be happy if I get a good portion of my shawl complete. Can't wait to see what's on the loom!

  3. I love most everything Barbara Delinsky writes! Your knitting is awesome!


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