Wednesday 1 October 2014

A Little Addicted?

Drops yarn

Do I look a little addicted to you?
Yes, I guess I would look that way to myself too.
This is another box of yarn which arrived this morning. 
After putting together the Secret Santa Exchange post and realizing that we only have 13 weeks to Christmas, I thought I better start cracking on with handmade gifts if I wanted to have any under the tree.

Until this year, I actually have stayed away from putting things under the tree as it just seemed like too much stress.
This year though, I came across a couple of projects that seemed to be very fitting for the occasion and so I decided to jump the gun and get the yarn I needed to start getting things complete in time.
Whether or not I will succeed at this quest remains uncertain, but for the moment all other WIP have been put on hold.

That is how quick things change in my knitting reality :)

I did want to start on my Rebel Cardie last week - but I didn't
I did want to get to my next armhole on my Juliana - but I didn't

So what did I do?

Tardis socks

I did finish the first of my Tardis socks for Jas and hope to get the other finished or at least close to finished by next week - it is a little difficult as she is on holiday at the moment and these are a Christmas gift so I am trying to find little pockets of time when she is not around to progress on them.

two at a time gloves

I did accomplish two-at-a-time on the magic loop and have started to knit some gloves for myself and plan on knitting each family member a pair in time for the cold.
I love the thickness of this yarn, which makes for a quick project!
I hope these will be ready to show to you on Friday if all goes well :)

These are part of the Craftsy Course I started a while ago, and I am enjoying getting back into it again.

As I can't split myself into two to work on more projects together, I thought I could weave a project or two to get further - Good idea! Only problem, my loom has a project on it :(

So nothing for it other that to weave.
Which I have done :)


I am over halfway on this project and hope to be finished with it shortly so that I can get going on my other project for under the tree. 
I can't wait to get this project off the loom as it seems to be going on forever. Not my finest work, but I don't have the heart to just remove it from the loom!

Yesterday I was able to purchase my new machine WOOT, WOOT!!

Here she is:

pfaff ambition essential

Unfortunately, I won't have any time this week to try her out as I have a market on Saturday and am needing to complete all my goodies that I am taking to sell.

As soon as I put foot to peddle I will tell you all about it :)

If you are interested in taking part in this years' Secret Santa Bookmark Exchange signups are now open :)
It incorporates your hobby (crochet/knitting/sewing/embroidery) and books!
Find out all about it HERE

Reading: No time for that this week, although, I am almost done with my book and then I will introduce the next one ;)

I wish you all a great rest of your week.
Thanks for visiting.
I am sharing this with all my lovely Wednesday Friends :)

Online Crochet Class

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I thank you in advance for using them.
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  1. Oh I've seen the tardis sock pattern! Clever you! I'm terrified of colour-work... I might have to bite the bullet for a bit of awesome Whovian stuff.

    1. Hi sweetlittlewood,
      It really isn't as hard as it looks, and these socks are really a great project! Go on, you know you want to give it a try :)
      Thanks for visiting.

  2. I LOVE the colors in your weaving. You crafty girl! So many fun things going on in your corner. Enjoy :-)

  3. All that lovely yarn! Never obsessed...just excited to do some projects :-)

    1. Love the weaving and all that beautiful yarn!! :)


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