Wednesday 29 October 2014

Weaving Fun :)

Inkle loom

Meet my new toy - my Ashford Inkle Loom:

working on an inkle loom ashford

I absolutely love it!
We use them at work too in the weaving workshop to make lanyards and tags for the woven cloths, but I had to have one for myself as I am convinced there are wonders to be created on this little device :)

I decided to go with an Ashford Inkle loom as I have a couple of their goodies and they serve me very well! (my list of haves and want to own is growing by the minute!). 
This loom is incredibly light which makes it so easy to transport, the perfect holiday weaving accessory ;)

As soon as I had unpacked this baby, hubby was kind enough to assemble it for me. Once done, I decided to get going. I made the heddles and warped with some fingering yarn I have waiting for a project of it's own.

I think it looks quite nice (see the top image) and it is working up well for the first attempt. I probably won't be using fingering yarn for the future planned projects, and do plan on working with some sturdier yarn, maybe a 10/4 cotton or something similar.

tardis socks

Hubby's socks are growing nicely. I am at the point of beginning the heel and am considering making them white.

In the leg of these socks I added an extra pattern repeat to give my a bit more length in the calf.

batman socks

Kay's Surprise Socks are growing - rather slowly right now because I am irritated by the entanglement that ensues as soon as I start knitting the colour work (but then I only have about 10 rows left so I should just get on with it!). Secondly every time I want to pick up this project she walks through the door!

Anyway, I still have a bit of time yet and I look forward to getting onto the "boring" bit of the sock once the colour work is complete!

drops big fabel

This ball of yarn will be cast on later this week for Hubby's 5-in-1 Adventure gloves.

The last project that I am sharing with you this week is a frog-in-process :)

Do you remember this stash-busting blanket from last year?

stash-busting blanket

Do you remember this sweater from last year?

drops karisma

Well, they will soon be one :)

stash-busting blanket

I actually am liking the colour combi right now.
Lucky for me hubby no longer likes his colour choice for his pullover so I firstly don't have to knit it anymore ;) and secondly get to help my blanket grow somewhat!

The Secret Santa Bookmark Exchange is now officially started :)
All the participants have their partners and are busy creating.
I can't wait to see the beautiful creations.

I wish you all a very creative rest of your week.
P.S. I am sharing this post with all my wonderful Wednesday friends.

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