Friday 10 July 2015

Friday FO Fun!

Sewing seams

I have finally managed to create a garment that doesn't look like it has been badly handmade!


What I loved about this course:

Nicole takes you through the garment process step-by-step, I love courses like that! They actually teach me something because I move through the process with the instructor and learn loads along the way!

I must admit that I took it upon myself to not make any shortcuts with this project, to sew and baste and iron when I was told to and to enjoy the process, which I did.

I have, until now never created such incredible looking seams!

facing how to sew

Just look at this incredible looking facing!
I would never have achieved that before!

sewing in sleeves

The sleeves turned out really well, as did the darts and I am so impressed with the contrast band - it is like I didn't actually sew this dress!

learn to sew: shift dress

Deficit about this dress:

The linen!
Believe it or not, I had just finished ironing it before I took this photo.

As much as it is a deficit, the dress feels amazing to wear - perfect for the weather we are having right now.

I think I will make another shorter version of this dress at a later date.

Have you taken this class?

Share your dresses below :)

With my new learned skills I think I will try another dress next week :)

What have you finished this week?

I would love to see - share your FOs from this week below.

See you next week.


  1. Nice job! The sewing is beautiful. I didn't realize linen is not nice with ironing. I've got a pattern I've been planning to make that calls for linen fabric. I'm going to have to think twice about that now.

    1. Hi Christine,
      Linen irons okay, it just creases extremely quickly so it always almost looks un-ironed! It is a great fabric for hot days though :)
      Thanks for your visit.


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