Tuesday 14 July 2015


wip wednesday

This week has been quite productive so far :)

I actually got a little of my sock knitting done - it does help that the weather has cooled down a little since last week, so it does make it easier for me to consider knitting again!

I managed to get some more sewing done over the weekend, and will show you the result of my efforts on Friday.

Besides the project I finished I plan on starting to make some pajamas for the family for the upcoming winter.

For this I am using this Butterick pattern:

Butterick B5153

and will be working my way through my next sewing course:

Learn to sew Pajama Pants

I actually can't wait to get into this project as I am really quite enjoying my sewing experience at the moment!

At work this week I have managed to design and warp three projects. Two of them are almost ready to weave and the third will have to wait a while.

cotolin waffel cloth

This will be waffle cloths, made with cotolin.

arm patronic

And this is a test warp so that I can try to figure out our computerized loom!

cotolin and teddy

This warp will also make kitchen towels

I can't wait until our build is complete and my craft room stands! Then I can dress my own loom with all of my creations!

Reading Wise: I finished last week's book, have read another in between and am now reading a biography on Beethoven, so far it is really quite interesting.

What have you been up to this week?

I will be sharing this post with all my creative friends!

Have a good week
See you on Friday

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  1. Oh my goodness, you weave AT WORK??? Dream job! I haven't had a chance to check out any blogs lately, so I'm just catching up.

    1. Hi Natalie,
      Yes, I do, and yes it is my dream job, I love it :)
      Thanks so much for visiting.

  2. I saw some looms in Ballenberg last week. They seem to wait for me .... ;-)

    1. Hi Regula,
      I guess it is like spotting pregnant women when you are pregnant? :)
      Thanks so much for visiting.

  3. Oh wow that really is a productive week! And hurrah for slightly cooler days so you can knit again - I miss knitting when it gets so hot you fear you'll get stuck to the needles!

    1. Hi Carrie,
      I so agree with you, until now knitting has been fine in the summer months, but this year the heat has really worked out negatively for my knitting bag. I look forward getting back to it more intensively.
      Thank you so much for visiting.


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