Friday 17 July 2015

Friday FO Fun

This Friday I have two things to share with you:

Firstly, here is my finished silk scarf. This was one of three that I started earlier in the year.

silk scarf

I am glad they are finished and I can start to focus on new projects!

Secondly, I managed to try out my Lutterloh system which I received last week through the mail.

I wanted to make this skirt:

Lutterloh pattern 176

I did feel rather anxious to begin with as there are no instructions on how to put the pieces together, which piece needs interfacing / facing and which materials to use.

So I had to wing it!

I kinda knew what I had to do and I kinda knew what I wanted it to look like!

I started out with my measurements and then "drawing" the pattern accordingly.

Lutterloh patterns

A tip for those of you using this system for the first time: Photocopy the pattern pieces and cut them apart so that you have small pieces to work with. I didn't do this with this pattern piece and had to end up folding my file insert into thirds so that I could copy the pattern correctly!

Lutterloh french curve

Once the pattern was transferred to my packing paper, I cut it out (I drew it with seam allowances included) and went about sewing my skirt together.

I faced the front flap and used linen for the whole skirt.

linen skirt

I moved through the project very slowly, and made notes of everything I did incase I would like to repeat the skirt pattern.

Luckily there is such a thing as Youtube
The steps that I was unsure of I looked up on Youtube and managed to find small clips and whole videos which helped me to feel a little more confident on my progress.

I must admit that I am rather impressed with the outcome of this skirt!

lutterloh skirt

skirt lining

stitch in the ditch

I almost managed to sew all the way around in the ditch.

decorative stitches

Nothing is quite complete without my decorative seam stitching!

It fits me really well, is quite comfortable, and the girls were impressed enough to grab my Lutterloh folder to see what they would like to make :)

Have you used this system already?
What are your thoughts on it?

Have you something completed to share with us today?
Feel free to add your link below :)

Have a great weekend.

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  1. Looks like you've been very busy. I haven't heard of this system. Will have to look into it more. Like the skirt, esp the decorative stitch. Good choice.


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