Friday 13 November 2015

FO Friday Fun

This week I have something to share with you all :)

ben lomond gloves drops baby merino

Hubby can't get enough of these gloves and so I decided to knit him up a pair for his birthday last Saturday.

Somehow I remembered them being a faster knit than they were and I ended up waking up at the crack of dawn on Saturday morning, locking myself in our bathroom (there is no other place to sit right now :O) and knitting furiously for nearly 2 hours to complete them before hubby got up!

It worked, they were finished on time, but as this is pair number 3, I am getting a little tired of the pattern and may need to branch out and find another cool pattern (or make one) for any future models!

What have you been able to complete this week?

I would love to see!
Please feel free to share your finished objects of this week with us all below.

Have a great weekend.
See you next week.

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