Tuesday 10 November 2015

WIPs and More


Making photos on the last available free spot in our home - our bed!
Even that is not entirely free of goodies during the day :O
Our Reno is moving forward nicely, but living on the building site is proving to be quite a test of nerves!

So let me get on and share this week's WIPs with you all before I need to head back into the lions den.....

misae shawl

First up my Misae Shawl.

It is such a nice pattern to knit and because each sequence goes through 2 or 4 rows it makes for a nice change and makes the incredibly long rows seem quite short!

I can't wait to get to the first colour change in the yarn and I am hoping that will happen shortly.

If you are wanting to join in the Shawl-Along you can :)
Find out more HERE

Silver Haze Drops

I have also cast on a wonderfully bulky project for myself.
I am knitting myself Silver Haze from Garnstudio and am knitting it up in Drops Andes, which makes for a nice bulky knit and it grows super quick!

As some of you may know I am a knitter that likes to simplify everything and where possible knit everything either in pairs or as one piece. 

With this cardigan it is no different.

I am knitting it all in one piece and hope to show you more next week.

Jas's Socks have been a bit neglected over the last week and I do hope to get a little time to spend with them over the next couple of days if possible.

Hubby's Gloves were finished in the nick of time and I will share them with you on Friday.

(Do come by on Friday and share your finished objects with me too, there will be a linky attached to my post and I would love to see what you have managed to take off the needles :)

Reading Wise: I have started a new title - Murphy's Law
So far it is quite a good read and I am enjoying it.

What have you been up to this last week?

I will be joining my creative weekly friends with this post, so drop on over there and be inspired :)

See you on Friday.


  1. Such lovely projects and I love the dusty colours! Good luck with your work and renovations!

    1. Hi Zauberflink,
      Thank you so much for visiting.
      I guess the dusty colours are fitting with my surroundings LOL :)
      They are really nice projects and I Ma enjoying them quite a bit.

  2. Oh that looks like perfect cosy knitting - I love the colours :)

    1. Hi Carie,
      Yes, they are wonderfully cozy, but at the moment we are having very untypical November weather - warm and sunny! Do you have the same where you live?
      Thanks for visiting

  3. The Misae shawl looks beautiful and quite ethereal in that yarn. I love bulky knits!

    1. Hi Zena,
      When I saw the Misae knitted by Andrea from Wollehimmel in her yarn I knew I had to knit it too :) I am really glad I am, and it is a lot of fun!
      Thanks for visiting

  4. Pretty shawl! And, it's always nice to have an instant gratification, bulky thing on needles! Enjoy!


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