Wednesday 28 September 2016


This week I have managed to make some progress on my wips.

I finally managed to finish my Avalanche and will show it to you all on Friday, do come along and link your FOs for the week with me too :)

I worked a bit on Hubby's socks and have turned the heels and am working my way up the legs. I will be knitting until my Regia yarn is finished and then will make a small cuff.

Because I finished my Avalanche, I allowed myself to begin my Grandling :D

I managed to work the first 3 sections last night and am so far enjoying the project.

I am looking forward to beginning with my October Socks on Saturday and hope you will consider joining me?

You can find out more about the Sock-Along HERE

I will be sharing this post with all of my weekly creative friends, so do pop over there and be inspired :)

See you soon.


  1. Love the colors in the socks!! And you chose perfect color combo for the shawl - it will be beautiful!

  2. Grandling looks like an interesting pattern. I love the colors.

    1. Hi CathieJ,
      It really is :)
      It looks great and is quite mindless, I just love that about this pattern.
      Thanks for your visit.

  3. Mm the shawl looks gorgeous, I love your colour choices

    1. Hi Elizabeth,
      Thanks so much :)
      Have a great week.


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