Tuesday 20 September 2016

Wooly Wednesdays

The weather has turned!

Last Wednesday they told us on the weather forecast that it was the last day of Summer, but I wasn't so sure as it was quite hot then - 

Come Thursday it was like we had been in Autumn for a while already....BRR.....

I went from having a mediocre knitting Mojo to diving into Ravelry to decide what I should cast on first!

As a knitter I am sure you know the feeling?

How I love the cooler weather :)
I am as happy as a pig in mud!

I did make myself a promise to finish what is already waiting to be finished FIRST before I cast on another thing......

Oh dear, I am now knitting my fingers down to the bone, I just want to cast on!!!!!!

I hope I can resist!

Let me show you what I am busy with and what will be worked on for the rest of this week:


I barely remember it....I started this project in December last year :O

Anyway, I have decided it needs to come off the needles, and as such I have been working more-or-less monogamously on this project over the last week.

I am just about done with the sleeves which have roughly 10cm to go, so I am hoping she will be done by the weekend.

When I am done with my pullover, the next big project is just about ready to be put on needles :)


Yesterday, I received my gorgeous sock yarn subscription from Rita @ Spinnwebstube

She mentioned in her accompanying letter that the yarn combo would work out well in a Grandling Shawl and I tend to agree with her.

So, as soon as I am finished with my post today, I will be winding up my yarn so that I am ready for a swift cast on for this lovely piece once my Avalanche is done :)

Would you like to join me?

I will be opening up a thread in my Ravelry group for an informal shawl-along should you wish to join in :)

Besides these two projects I will be hopefully finishing hubby's socks before I cast on my October pair.

Talking of October pair, I have found the perfect yarn for the month, the receiver and I hope, the pattern :)

ponderosa autopsie

This is my October yarn

Isn't it delightful?
And the name.....Autopsy :D Perfect for October don't you think?

I have changed the pattern I will be knitting in October as I really need a mindless pattern to work on in the upcoming month and I have been wanting to try a pair of Blueberry Waffles for quite a while now, so I have decided October is Blueberry month!

If you would like to join in the Sock-Along fun, I would love to have you over.
You  can find all the info regarding the KAL HERE

My Flip-Flop socks from last week are finished and i will be sharing them as well as their pattern with you on Friday, so do pop over then and share your lovely FOs for the week with me too :)

I will be sharing this post with all of my lovely creative friends, so do pop on over and be inspired :)

See you soon

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  1. Hehehe! I know the feeling. :-) Good luck with your projects.


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