Monday 14 May 2012

Catching up...

Last week I must admit I suffered a bit of burnout....and really couldn't face the computer or the internet world much. But taking the week break and keeping myself busy otherwise has done a world of good and now I am back, revitalised and ready to face a new week!

On Friday we had some beautiful spring weather, it really was quite hot. I used this opportunity to finally get my beds going in the garden, and just in time too, as it poured with rain on Saturday and Sunday - hopefully this will jump-start my garden into full growth mode!
So far I have planted: Carrots, radish and salad. I will be planting, fennel, leeks, cucumbers and marrows shortly.
Oh yes and those plants that are in the bed already - potatoes from last season :D
These are my mom-in-laws beds, as you can see she will be growing beans, and her lettuce (which is wonderful to eat) is already ready to be devoured!

I will be starting a plant box on my balcony for my tomatoes and herbs, will take a picture once it is done.

Have you started your gardens yet? If so, what will you be planting / have you planted?

Well must be off, am making "Mothers Day" lunch for Mom-in-law today so I better get going! Hope all you moms out there had a super day yesterday! I did, got spoilt with many cups of tea and coffee, and a gorgeous handmade card from Jassy - was wonderful!


  1. Hi Nat,
    So glad you are blogging again:)

    That first photo is amazing!

    Your veggie beds look lovely, we have planted leeks, garlic, onions, beetroot and some lettuce.

    Take care
    xo xo

  2. Hi Linda,

    It feels good to be back with something to say :D

    Your garden sounds great!


  3. We all need an Internet break every once is awhile. I hope yours was restful!

    That is one gorgeous mountain range!!

    1. Hi Shannon,

      It was thanks. Yes the alps are gorgeous, I don't appreciate them as much as I should!

      Thanks for visiting.



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