Saturday 21 September 2013

October Reads and Book-club Stuff

Turning The Pages Book-Club

Last night was our monthly book-club Online Hangout to discuss "Life of Pi".
Unfortunately as I discovered during and after the event, two of the ladies were unable to make it.
A minute after I signed off from the hangout, Debi signed in and so I joined her and we had a good chat. Regrettably, this conversation didn't take place in the On Air Hangout, but it was super to meet her.

turning the pages hangout

Below you will find the edited version of last night's hangout - the one before Debi joined, so it is just me chatting away like a mad woman ;)

I am hoping that at some point it will all fall into place and we will all be available on these dates. If you would like to join in, I would love to have you join me.

 Please note the time of the event has changed slightly and will start half an hour later.

The Hangout for October 2013 takes place on:

18th October 2013


9:30pm Central European Time (3:30pm EDT)

The book that will be discussed:

The Light Between Oceans

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Is there a book that you would love to read in a group setting?

Add your title to the vote for the book choice for January 2014 HERE
(Book Choices will be voted on by participants in the next Hangout)

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