Wednesday, 11 December 2013

3 Wednesdays Left!!

Drops Karisma

Sorry for the slightly blurry photo :(

I can't believe that there are only 3 more Wednesdays left in this year!

I am guessing that even if I knit night and day I won't be completing Hubby's pullover by the end of the year. I may surprise myself, but it is the festive season after all, so I will be taking it slowly :)

Have you started making plans for your New Year projects yet?

I have been thinking about it for the last couple of days and I have a vague idea of what I may be doing. Let me mull it over a little while longer and I will tell you what I have planned next year, next Wednesday.

I can tell you that I have definite plans for January!

Knitting madness new years mystery KAL

 I will be assisting those of you out there taking part in my Mystery KAL :)

I am getting so excited - I have had quite a lot of signups already.

Are you also taking part?

If you would like to learn how to felt a knitted project then this is the KAL for you!
You can find out more HERE

I wish you all a great Wednesday :)

If you have some Wintery Crafts that you would like to share, come and link them up to tomorrow's Tutorial Thursdays Linky Party, I would love to see what you have been up to!

P.S: I will be sharing this post with all the lovely Wednesday Ladies.


  1. The yarn on the picture looks really fine to my opinion:)

    1. Hi Elisabeth,
      Thanks for saying so, but it is really rather blurry :(
      Have a great festive season, thanks so much for visiting.

  2. That's beautiful yarn! Is it a sweater?

    1. Hi Spinster Beth,
      Yes it is a sweater for hubby. A really nice pattern from Drops. I will be changing it slightly though :)

  3. yeah, you've got a lot of knitting ahead if you plan on finishing before the holiday!

    1. Hi flyingjen,
      You are so very right, and I am battling to find the time to get some knitting done too!

  4. I love what you have so far!

    I just added you to my Bloglovin' list! :-)

    1. Hi Rachel,
      Thank you and thanks for following my blog.


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