Monday 2 December 2013

The Crafty Blog Stalker - A Featured Tutorial Blogger

Today I would like to introduce Katie - The Crafty Blog Stalker to you all.

Katie is an amazingly creative person and her blog is always a pleasure to visit.

In November she linked up some super craft tutorials including:

Napkin Ring DIY

Fall wreath made with canning lids

DIY Christmas Tree Snow Globe

Soda Can Christmas Ornament

I asked Katie what her Crafting Inspiration was. 
She replied: "My favorite thing to craft is small gifts for other people. I love making cute things for my friends and family. It is how I show them that I love them."

Katie also said this about her blog: "I can't believe people keep coming to my blog. So a huge thank you to all that support me. It really means a lot!"

So let us keep supporting her, she has so much creativeness to share :)

You can find Katie here:

Thank you Katie for linking up to Tutorial Thursdays week after week.
Please feel free to grab your featured button below :)

Marigolds' Loft

I look forward to visiting all you latest creations throughout the month of December.

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