Friday 6 December 2013

Knitting Madness Tonight :)

Knitting Madness

This month's Knitting Madness event will be dedicated to discussing Knitting Apps.

Which apps do you use and have on your smartphone?
How much do you rely on them?
Which do you think are great, which don't live up to your needs?

If you are interested in taking part in this event, you can :)
Add your name to the attendee list on the Event Page and I will invite you into the chatroom.
If you are wanting to be included in the chat, and are on the attendee list, you will receive an invite from me at 8:30pm (2:30pm EDT) which will get you into the chatroom. 

(Please note there is only space for 10 people and places can not be reserved)

You can also watch the event streamed LIVE below, or the Event page. 

On the event page you will also be able to take part in a Q and A with those of us in the chatroom.

We would love for you to be there.
Bring your popcorn and refreshments :)

The event will start at 9:00pm Central European Time (3:00pm EDT)

Event Page

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