Monday 30 December 2013

Year at a Glance, Stash-Busting and other Stuff - Part One

Today I want to share with you all the stash-busting projects that I managed to finish throughout this year. I took part in the Stash-Busting Challenge and decided that I was going to empty my stash drawer.

At the beginning of 2013 my stash drawer looked like this:

stash drawer 2013

This morning that same drawer looks like this:

stash drawer 2 2013

I am amazed at the difference!
At the end of November my stash-busting total worked out to be 4183g
which I had knitted up out of this drawer alone - Amazing - all those balls and only 4kg of wool :D

What you see left in the drawer are the balls of yarn I need for hubbys jersey and the balls of wool I have reserved for a scarf for myself.
These two projects will be tackled over the next couple of months so that I can empty this drawer completely and begin to fill it again :D

Here are the stash-busting projects I managed to complete in 2013:

1. Jassy' Jumper - Completed

Jassy's Jumper

2. Birthday Gift for my Sister-In-Law - Completed

Ear-flaps and caps

3. Birthday Scarf for Kayla - Completed (sorry, I realized that I don't have a finished image of this one :O)

Drops Fabel

4. Socks for me - Completed

socks Drops Alaska

5. Socks for Jas - Completed

Drops Alaska Socks

6. Socks for Kay - Completed

socks drops alaska

7. Pullover for Hubby - Still busy :)

8. Cleo for me - Completed

Drops Cleo

9. Scarf for me (not done yet)

10. Fingerless Gloves for hubby - Completed

Gloves for hubby

11. Perfectly Pink Sweater - Completed

Drops Verdi

12. Cap for Jas - Completed

basque hat Drops Alpaca

13. Cap for Kay - Completed


14. Socks for me/KAL - Completed

hiya hiya kal

How did your Stash-busting go through this year?
Was it something you consciously tried to do?

Thanks to Linda for spurring me on in this effort :)



  1. Numbers one and eight are my favorites! I think I added more to my stash than I used this year... Friends keep finding garbage bags full of yarn at thrift stores and garage sales that I end up with!

  2. You did a magnificent job, Natalie!!! Not only did you bust your stash, but your projects are gorgeous. I am sure you will not feel guilty now when you decide to buy new yarns ;-) Have a wonderful new year 2014

  3. ...and thank you for participating in the Stash-buster Challenge!!!

  4. VERY impressive, beautiful projects!

  5. Well done Natalie you have done great and thank you so much for participating, I have enjoyed seeing your lovely makes over the past year. :)

  6. WOW! You've done a LOT of beautiful work this year. I know all of that takes a lot of time. Great job!


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