Friday 23 May 2014

Sockalicious FOs - Joining in the Friday Fun :)

sock knitting Drops Fabel

This week I have managed to finish off two pairs of socks :)

That sounds amazing, but when you realize that one pair is only about 9cm long it isn't that extraordinary, but it was still great fun to knit them none-the-less!

Above you see hubby's finished pair of socks. This is the first of a couple of pairs I promised to knit him throughout this year, and I do hope that I manage to get all of the pairs done. 

I have chosen quite a couple of variations of Drops Fabel Print - variegated yarn - as I hope that this will enable me to do some mindless sock knitting, but I am rather afraid that I will get bored, so I am already contemplating some kind of patterning for the upcoming pairs!

Next up: 

I have loved knitting these cutie pie socks!
Not only are they tiny (size 12/18 months) but I absolutely loved to knit them in Drops Baby Merino.
This was the first project I have knit with that yarn, it is absolutely divine to knit with, soft, and wonderful! Luckily for me, when ordering the yarn for this project I also ordered some of the yarn for a project for myself, which I now can't wait to start :)

On the other side of my crafty life - I have been soaping like a wild woman over the last couple of days in an attempt to have some soaps ready for the second Suitcase Market I will be attending. 

I am having a lot of fun coming up with new soap creations and love seeing if they turn out how I expect them too :)

What knitted/crocheted projects did you manage to complete this week?

Have a super weekend.

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