Wednesday 12 November 2014

Fully Festive WIP

Tardis Socks

Welcome back, another week rushed by and now I only have 6 weeks to complete my Christmas Crafting!

I am not yet in a tizz as I still have enough time to at least complete the projects I have on my needles with hopefully enough time to squish in a couple more wanna have Christmas pressies!

Let me begin with my update of this last week's work.

Above are hubby's Tardis socks.

I am busy with the reducing of stitches after the heel flap. I would like to be a lot further but whenever I am at home lately so is hubby, so it is getting difficult to find the time to complete these babies!

Batman socks

Eventually you can see the front pattern!

So far I am loving this creation, it is turning out exactly as I wanted it to which is always a plus ;)

I have just turned the heel and am at about the same point as hubby's socks, so now the race is on!


This is another "Toy" creation wished for firstly by Kay, but as the first one of these cuties turned out really well, I had oohs and ahhhs from the rest of the Harry Potter fanclub and so I am making one for each of them.

These are Mandrakes.

I am not really an experienced crocheter by any means so I was thrilled to see the eyebrows and expressions that come out once done :)

And they work up really quickly.
A bit finicky when it gets to the smaller parts like the saplings, but somehow they turn out okay! The best bit is if you have to pull them out, you only waste about 5 minutes work at a time which is awesome!

I will share the first one with you as soon as I have attached the eyes, which are on their way to me but not yet arrived.

sewing wrap dress

And lastly, some sewing progress!

I apologize for the bad photo quality of this one, I hope I am soon finished and then I can show you much better images!

This is another Craftsy course project which has been waiting for quite a while to get started on.

The perfect knit wrap dress.

So far I have had quite a headache with this project.

A photo posted by Natalie Buehler (@marigoldsloft) on

I will share the whole story with you once it is complete - hopefully that will be Friday, I only have so much patience for sewing projects before a nice pair of sharp scissors come to play :O

Reading wise: I have nothing to report unfortunately, still waiting for something to grab my attention. Any tips?

Anyway, I wish you all a warm, and if not warm, a cozy Wednesday.
Thanks so much for visiting :)

I am sharing this with all my Wednesday friends, so pop over there for some amazing projects on the go.




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    1. Hi Jayne,
      Thank you so much :)
      Have a great rest of your day.

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Reinventing Mother,
      Thank you kindly :)
      Have a great day.

  3. You have been super busy! Great projects.

  4. Oh my, those TARDIS socks are fantastic!!!!

    1. Hi Angela,
      Thank you, they are also a lot of fun to knit :)
      Have a good day.


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