Wednesday 5 November 2014

Weaving Wednesday

Drops Baby Merino

Today I don't have too much to share with you.
There aren't too many new things happening here WIP-wise as I have not been around to do most of them. Last weekend I had a stand at a craft market and then had to help out at the girls annual Bazaar the following day so craft-wise I didn't have any time.

I am not going to bore you with similar pictures as last week, instead I will just update you on the newest WIP.

The Ravenclaw Scarf is off the loom and will be shared with you all on Friday.

Above is Kay's Scarf, which I warped and began this morning.
I am using Drops Baby Merino which I am finding a real pleasure to weave with.
I really enjoy making narrow warps and am slowly getting to grips with the loom. It has actually become fun to warp it too, something I never thought I would say!

I have made a change to this projects original design.
Originally it was going to be made out of these two colours:

Baby Merino 22Baby Merino 35
Baby Merino numbers 22 and 35

This would not have been a problem had I not been so anxious to start the Ravenclaw scarf!

As I ordered all the yarn for both projects together I had planned for the Ravenclaw scarf to be made out of these two colours:

Drops Baby Merino 19Drops Baby Merino 13
Baby Merino numbers 19 and 13

So far so good :)

As the Ravenclaw scarf only needed a little for the striping I ordered 2 balls of  the number 19 yarn which would have definitely been enough.

When the box came, I didn't remember that I had ordered less of number 19 and grabbed two balls of number 22 out of the box. It worked well with the navy blue so I went with that colour combo - ie:

This morning I merrily warped with the combo I thought I had planned for Kay's Scarf: (19 and 35)

 As I approached the end - literally the end, of the warp I was just about to run out of the grey, so I went to grab two more balls of number 19 to find that there was no more - suddenly I realized what I had done, but I had two more holes to fill and I wasn't going to redo the warp so I managed, just barely, to finish the warp with the number 19.

Once the warp was done I sat with the dilemma:

I had originally planned a houndstooth pattern for her scarf but now had no more of the grey wool number 19, instead I had a whole bunch of the number 22 grey yarn.

What to do?

Well, either re-order and wait (Right, like any crafter can just wait once raring to go!) or use the lighter grey (22) for the weft.
So, in true itchy finger style, I have begun the project with the number 22 instead of 19.

I like the look of the project so far, given it is no longer a houndstooth pattern, but I like the depth the two greys give the project.

ashford rigid heddle

Do you adapt according to tools available or do you stick to original plans with your projects?

I wish you all a productive week :)
See you soon.

I am sharing this with all my Wednesday Friends :)

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