Wednesday 10 December 2014

13 More Handmade Days - Are You Ready?

Still on track and hoping to be finished with "actual" planned Christmas projects real soon so that I can squeeze in another one or two before the day :)
Can you believe that we have 13 days left!
Are you on track?

Let me give you a quick run down of my projects for this week:

tardis socks

Hubby's Tardis Socks - Can I just say that these are turning out to be the longest pair of socks I have ever knitted! They just never seem to get to the end! I am really hoping that I don't have to bore you with an incomplete pair next week. I have roughly about 6cm to go before I start the toe decreases and I hoping to get there today or tomorrow - hold thumbs for me :)

 Maybe the problem is compounded by the fact that I have already knit a pair so I just want them to be 
D O N E which ultimately creates a much longer project!

I have cast on a little stash-busting project for hubby again. A pair of fingerless gloves. His workshop is extremely cold and so a couple of pairs of gloves is just what he needs right now.

I hope they knit up quickly so that I will get them done in time :)

Drops Alaska

These yummy balls of Alaska (colour is more real in top image) are going to be used for a going away gift for a work colleague.
I plan to start this project later on today.

I have another amazing project that I managed to finish over the weekend. I will be sharing it with you in all it's glory on Friday along with all my other FOs for this week so I do hope to see you back again then :)

Reading wise: I have had almost no time to read this week, I hope that will change soon!

Thanks so much for visiting.

See you soon.
P.S. I am sharing this post with all my Wednesday Friends, so pop on over for some great inspiration :)

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  1. Fantastic socks!! I'll keep my fingers crossed you get those and the gloves done in time :) 13 days until Christmas, how did that happen!?


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