Monday 29 December 2014

A Week of Round-Ups: Classes I have visited

Today I would like to share with you a round-up of all the amazing online
 classes I took part in this year:

The online classes I visited and loved this year are almost too many to mention!
They are all from Craftsy. Here are some of my best loved classes for this year:

All of my garments made from this class can be found HERE

Here is my Multigarment

mittens and gloves galore

My Gloves are to be Found HERE, HERE, and HERE

My Drawstring bag can be found HERE

This is just a small selection of my 33 enrolled classes :)

I look forward to many more hours of fun in 2015.

Which has been your favourite Craftsy Class for 2014?

See you tomorrow for another Round-Up

Online Knitting Class

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