Friday 19 December 2014

FO Friday - Sewing and Knitting Fun!

What an awesome family project this was :)
Yes, the whole family made one - even hubby!

This project idea came from the amazing FREE Craftsy Course: Bag-making Basics: Reversible Tote and Zipper pouch

The class was so well taught and easy to understand I thought that it would make the perfect gift for God-parents and Granny from the girls, hubby and myself.

I love the fact that these shoppers are reversible and that they fulfill a use - I love useful gifts!

I think these gifts turned out looking so good they almost look store bought and am extremely impressed with them all :)

Hubby had been wanting to try out my new machine so I thought I could get him to make my bag so he could get a feel for it.
He has never sewn before and this is his bag:

Reversible tote Craftsy

Isn't that amazing?

Kay's turned out splendidly, really beautiful :

reversible tote how to

Jas made hers yesterday as she didn't have much time to work with us over the weekend. Look at her gorgeous project:

Craftsy Free bag-making course

And lastly, I made a bag for my Mom-In-Law. This is how mine turned out:

Bag-making basics

With the sewing I also managed to finish up hubby's Tardis Socks - At last!
This is how the finished pair looks:

Tardis Socks

What did you manage to finish this week?

I wish you all a great weekend.
I will be sharing this with my Friday Friends :)

Online Sewing Class

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