Friday 14 March 2014

Fun FO Friday - Including a Giveaway :)

Over the past weekend I decided to continue my sewing projects which I started on 31st December 2013 (Yip, I stopped sewing at midnight and haven't picked up the project again :))

These projects were part of the course I am currently taking on Craftsy - Sewing With Knits

Online Sewing Class

I love this course and am finally back on track with my sewing :)

On Saturday I finished my Surplice dress and went on to create another surplice dress :)

This course is so wonderfully easy and well explained that Jas (she is 15) made a dress with me and hers looks amazing!

In this course I learnt to sew 5 different wardrobe must-haves and have loved making each of them:

Sewing with knits

win a craftsy course

My first project the hoodie

Craftsy Sewing with Knits

Next my first ever T-Shirt :) 

Sewing with knits easy skirt

Next I made the skirt

Sewing with knits - yoga pants

Then the most comfy yoga pants

Surplice dress Craftsy Meg McElwee

surplice dress tunic Craftsy

surplice dress how to

And last - but certainly not least (this is just the beginning) - my two versions of the surplice dress in two different types of jersey.

Don't you just love Craftsy?

What is it that makes me love Craftsy so much - let me count the ways:

  1. I can take the courses on my own time whenever I am ready.
  2. I can revisit the courses over and over until I am comfortable with the techniques.
  3. I can ask my tutors questions (in paid courses) which I will get answered in a "Virtual Classroom" platform
  4. I can also get help from my fellow students on the platform (free and paid classes)
  5. I get all the necessary materials in a super, well-explained PDF format
  6. I get hours and hours of HD quality, step-by-step video lessons
  7. I can share my projects and see other shared projects of other students
  8. The courses teach you unknown techniques in clear, precise steps, taking you from novice to advanced in a delightful, relaxed manner.
  9. The courses are also great ways to refresh known techniques and learn something new along the way.
Have you also taken this course?
Would you like to?

If you would like to experience this amazing course with Meg McElwee you have the chance to win yourself this course (Retails at $39.99) over the next week - The giveaway ends on 24th March 2014

Grab your chance to visit this amazing course today!!

Good Luck - Winner will be announced on the 26th March 2014.

What Craftsy Courses have you taken until now?

Have a super weekend :)

Sharing with my usual Friday Lovelies :D

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  1. The only course I have done so far is one to make a Bucket Bag. It was very easy to follow, and I enjoyed it a lot.

  2. Wow! You've made so many things, and all look great! Have a nice Sunday. Regula


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