Wednesday 12 March 2014

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Oops, I seem to have started a couple more than one project this week and I think the reason for this is that I was too lazy to grab a pen and paper and write down which project was to come next. 

Strange - I wasn't too lazy on the other hand to rummage through my stash drawer and find all my felting yarn or to figure out a sock pattern for the upcoming KAL in April..... my mind does work in wondrous ways :)

Anyway, let me tell you what I have on the go at the present moment.

Drops Kid-Silk

First up - Jas's Bolero, growing nicely, I do hope I can keep up this tempo so that it is finished in time for her dance at the end of March.

Log Cabin

Ashford rigid Heddle

Next my weaving project
I wanted to attempt a Log cabin pattern on my rigid heddle, but I don't think I am really succeeding. It could be that the colours seem to be very close in shade together and the pattern disappears because of it or because I am simply not succeeding! Time will tell and we will see how the piece looks once it is off the loom. Thank goodness my loom stand finally arrived and it has made such a difference to my weaving already, I so appreciate it! With the loom and stand over 1m wide it is now a shuffle in our tiny home to find a place to stand it. I am sure I will get to find it's ideal spot soon, until then we will live around it ;).

felted cat bed

My crochet project - I have wanted to crochet and felt a cat bed for the longest time and so on Sunday I decided that it was time to start. So far it is growing nicely, although I do think I will run out of yarn before the project is complete, we will see how it progresses. I just love the way crochet grows, one minute you are just starting a project and an hour down the line it has tripled in size!

Sock KAL april Marigolds' Loft

My last project for this week is a sock pattern which I am creating for an upcoming KAL that will take place in April. If you are interested in taking part in the KAL you can start to follow conversations and join yourself up for the KAL HERE


Reading wise: I am just about finished Allegiant. Once that is done I can't wait to get into my next book which is "Why Cleaning has Meaning" 
Linda Thomas (the author) kindly sent me a copy of her book which has only been available in German until just recently, so I look forward to being able to fully appreciate this great work in my mother tongue :) I will tell you a lot more about this book shortly.

Tutorial Thursdays Easter Crafts

I do hope you will come by and party with us tomorrow. Bring your creative links and take part in this month's challenge.

To celebrate some FO love on Friday, I will be hosting an awesome giveaway, so do come by then, you really will be so glad you did!

Take Care

I will be sharing this post with all my Wednesday Lovelies :)

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  1. You have so many great projects going on! You are inspiring to warp my rigid heddle. I love that blue and brown together. Good luck with your log cabin pattern. I haven't gotten into many patterns on mine yet.

    1. Hi Donna,
      Glad to be able to inspire you :)
      I wasn't sure how to do it either but I am busy on an amazing Craftsy course that teaches you how to include patterning into your weaving.
      You can find the course here: Rigid Heddle - Beyond the Basics
      Thanks for visiting.

  2. So viele wunderschöne Projekte. :-D Besonders gefällt mir dein Gewebtes. Das würde ich auch gern mal ausprobieren. Liebe Grüße. Sabine.

  3. Wow, so many great and diverse projects. I have always wanted to weave. Maybe some day. Your loom doesn't look as large as some others I have seen. I may be able to find a place for that size. Wonderful.


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