Wednesday 5 March 2014

Work on Wednesdays :)

Wednesday again, time is flying - is it doing that where you live too ;)??
I seem to be treading water at the moment and don't feel like I am getting anywhere fast so this Wednesday post is to prove to myself that I am actually moving forward!

Let me start with my WIP from this week.

Jas helped organize a school ball at the end of March and all of her class will be going in ball dresses and suits. She has already found her dress which is beautiful but strappy and as the weather has turned back towards winter I am sure that she will need something for the chilly event!

As such, I started knitting her this really cute bolero. Her dress is a dark magenta with sequin work, so she has chosen a black bolero.
I am knitting this bolero in Drops Kids Silk and it is the first project I am knitting with this yarn. 
It is really very luxurious to work with and a ball seems to go on forever! I am knitting with 2 strands and am still busy with the first balls and have just started on the sleeves.

Can you see how fluffy this wool is?

Drops Kid Silk

The pattern is knit flat and in one piece so it will be quite interesting to see how long it takes to complete.

Drops 113-10

I am also trying to get some weaving done and am playing around with some sample patterns an hoping to get a log cabin table runner out of this piece when done. (The image is a bit loose as I forgot to tighten my work for the picture)

ashford rigid heddle loom

I ordered a stand for my loom at the beginning of February but it still hasn't arrived and I do hope it will get here in the next couple of days as this will make the weaving so much easier as it doesn't fit anywhere well right now :(


Reading wise: I am reading the second book of the Divergent Series - Insurgent. You can read the "Divergent" Book review here on Monday next week.

I hope you all have a great rest of your week.
See you again tomorrow, where I look forward to visiting all your great crafty links

I will be sharing this post with all my lovely Wednesday ladies.

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  1. Wow that yarn looks soft! It also looks like it would be a pain to frog if you had to. Beautiful though! I hope it keeps her warm.

    1. Hi Christine,
      I guess it would be :)
      Another problem is that with the wool being black and me not being as young as I once was, I find that I can only knit this during daylight hours otherwise I can not see the stitches!
      Thanks so much for your visit :D

  2. gosh I love what's on your loom! And your knitting is looking so luxurious -- great idea knitting double stranded with that -- great stitch definition!


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