Friday 20 March 2015

February Lady Sweater

February Lady Sweater

Here she is - my finished February Lady Sweater!
Sorry for the slightly blurry pic!

I love this project to say the least.
In the above image it is still unblocked and I am hoping that I will get around to blocking it soon, or just wearing it :) 
But as you can see the sleeve edges definitely need a blocking as they are curling up on themselves, although I don't find it looks too bad.

What I loved about this project is the ease of the pattern. It was such a wonderfully easy lace pattern to follow and not only was it delightful to knit, but because of the pattern I found the whole piece grew incredibly fast.

This project took me 15 days from start to finish!

I moved onto the sleeves over the weekend and finished them up on Monday afternoon.


The project was knitted in Drops Nepal and I love the colour of it, a perfect accompaniment for any spring/autumn wardrobe!

I liked the fact that I could work out my perfect length and overall the pattern suited me down to the ground.

I finished the sweater by sewing on some Drops Buffalo Horn buttons which compliment the sweater nicely.

Ravelry February Lady Sweater

Would I knit this again?

I am going to save this project as a go-to project should I ever not know what to knit! 
Although I would like a green version of this project......

What did you manage to finish this week?

If you would like to, feel free to link your Finished Objects below.


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