Friday 6 March 2015

Finally Juliana!

Juliana Ravelry

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy......
I love it!

Over last weekend I finally managed to get to the end of my Juliana - whew! 
I have been busy on this baby since August last year. 

Given that I did take a break from October onward to get all my Christmas knitting done, I still saw it every day which made the project seem endless!

drops baby merino

I have never knit such a long piece of knitting before - I know why!

The pattern was a lovely knit, it was perfect evening knitting with a really simple 8 row pattern repeat, making it easy to get it growing quite quickly.
The hardest bit was realizing that I had to knit 1.80m and then still had to knit the arms, it did get a bit tedious when I stopped to ponder what the mass of fabric on my lap was to become!


Once I finally bound off the arms on Saturday, I could get down to the task of dropping the stitches throughout the pattern.

I love the effect of the dropped stitches, and am glad that I persevered with it!

Dropped stitch pattern

This took me the most part of Sunday to complete and I did have a problem twice under the arm where my cast off edge somehow had not worked and the stitches started to unravel into the sleeve.

There was no ways that I was going to rip it out and begin again, so I ended up improvising and sewing those two stitches into the piece so that they will hold for as long as I wear this garment :)

I knit this project with Drops Baby Merino which is a perfect fit for this pattern.

Would I knit it again?

If it wasn't for the meterage and my wanting to have it out of my WIP bag so I could focus on something new, then yes, I would definitely make more of these!

I could see this being a super knitting machine project, cast on in the morning - finish in the afternoon!

What project have you managed to complete this week?
If you would like to link your finished projects up below feel free to do so :)

Have a great weekend.


  1. Now that is one stunning sweater!!! I imagine you'll be wearing it until it is threadbare. Congrats on finishing such a huge project.

    1. Hi Christine,
      Yes, I must admit that I am really pleased with how it turned out. I have yet to wear it, but I am hoping that will change shortly as I bought a really nice shawl pin to try with it :)
      Thanks for visiting.

  2. That looks fantastic. I think it just might be the one I started and frogged and started and frogged FOUR times a few years ago before finally giving up. I just could NOT get the dropped stitch to work. Yours looks splendid.

    1. Hi Natalie,
      I must admit that I did get a bit nervous when I was about half way through and I went to have a look at the other project pages and saw that some people had issues with this, but I decided to just go with it and it worked out fine. I did clearly mark which stitch was to be dropped and made multiple notes to myself on the pattern so that I wouldn't forget and that definitely seemed to help :)
      It was well worth the effort, and if you ever decide to try again, feel free to contact me should you come across a problem.
      Thanks for visiting.


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