Monday 2 March 2015

New Week, New projects!

Finally a whole range of new projects to share with you all :)

Yes, that does mean my Juliana is off the needles and will be shared with you all on Friday.

So let me get down to introducing you to the projects that you haven't seen before:

February Lady Sweater

To be perfectly honest, I actually had this yarn set aside to knit an Isis-Wrap for myself, but when I fetched my nifty pattern holder sleeve, the February Lady Sweater was sitting on the top of the pile and seemed to tickle my fancy more at this moment, so I cast it on!

We knitters do that ;)

I do have a few balls of yarn too little so I remedied that by ordering a couple more from my LYS as well as choosing some buffalo horn buttons to go with the cardie. I hope they will look good together, I will share them with you once they arrive.

So far so good, I like the bulkiness of the yarn and needles, I love jumping to a more bulkier project in between others, they grow so delightfully fast!

Yarn Scarf for me

This nice little collection of odds and ends will be planned into a woven scarf for myself.
I am hoping to be able to warp my loom today.

I think I will be going all willy-nilly with this project and letting the yarns fall into place where they may.

They are all sock yarn scraps and the full balls are Drops Delight, which are a fingering weight, and I think they will also be used for a large percentage of the weft too.

socks for kay

These socks you have seen before, as I did cast them on a while ago.
I originally planned to have them done for Kay birthday, but that plan didn't work out, so I have come up with an alternate plan - I will slowly and calmly knit each member of my family a new pair or two of socks for Christmas. This gives me loads of time and I should be finished way before I actually need them!

Let us see if that plan works out!

Reading Wise: I am reading a book that my cousin wrote actually :)
It is called "Virus Doctors" and so far it is a good read.

I am finding that actually knowing the author makes it a lot harder to just read the book, does that make sense?

Has any of you experienced this before?

How have your projects developed over the last week?

I look forward to hearing from you all.

Until next time.

P.S. I will be sharing this post with all my Wednesday friends.


  1. All your projects look lovely. I look forward to seeing the woven scarf as the colours look great. Fantastic idea to start getting organised for Christmas already as, even though we know exactly when it is, it always sneaks up on us!

    1. Hi Jayne,
      Yes I totally agree with you, Christmas always seems to suddenly be there and having various projects on the go tends to leave the Christmas goodies hanging! Starting now removes a bit of that stress factor so the knitting remains interesting and fun and not stressing and frustrating!
      Thanks for visiting.


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