Monday 23 March 2015

Weaving Woes and Other Fun

Rigid Heddle scarf

Above is the only bit of my Odds and Ends Scarf that you will get to see unfortunately :(

And it was looking soooo pretty too!

I sat down to continue on this project yesterday and no sooner had I started than one of my warp threads faded into nothingness.

And after another 10 minutes another one dropped out.

rigid heddle warping failures

You may recall that I mentioned in last week's post that my Drops Delight kept almost felting together, well it seems it was a very bad choice for a warp as with each successive beat it seemed to pull away more and more fiber, exposing bare little threads that could not hold up to anything, not even my touch!

What a pity!

As a weft it is lovely, and I love the way the colour was just starting to turn.

odds and ends scarf

Oh well, experience I guess :(

I will be warping my loom with some sock yarn soon to try and make a scarf out of that as I have loads of that still stashed.

I have started a new Card Weaving Project at work and I hope to be a little further with this later in the week, I will share my progress with you next week (or if you follow me on Instagram you will get to see it before then :))

card weaving

WIP wise: Kay's socks have finally started to grow :)

Kay's socks

I have started the heel on the socks and will hopefully get well into the foot as the week progresses.

Reading wise: I haven't got much further in my book from last week as I have become a little sidetracked with garden planning and the likes!

If you would like to see what I have been up to on the homesteading side come on over and visit us on our Homestead Blog :)

Do you have some loved Pinterest recipes?

Pinterest Tried and Tested

Come on over and share them with us all tomorrow on Holistic Homesteading, we would love to hear from you :)

Have a super week ahead,
See you soon

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