Friday 27 February 2015

London and Back

Big Ben

Last week Wednesday we had a long weekend over in England.

We went over because Jas, being the huge Harry Potter fan that she is, wanted to go and visit the Warner Bros Harry Potter Exhibition.

This we did.

I was worried that it would be a let down and that it would not live up to Jas's expectations (which were very high by the time we got there. She even had a shopping list of things that she "needed" to have!!)

Well, I needn't have worried, it was amazing, and actually trumped our expectations!

Being Warner Bros they had all the original props, including Diagon Alley.
They are having the animal actors on exhibition at the moment so we got to see Crookshanks, Fang, Hedwig, Errol and Pigwidgeon.

Warner Bros Studios Harry Potter


Room under the stairs Harry Potter

Hogwarts Clock

Would I recommend that you visit it? Definitely!

It was worth every penny :)
We ended up being in the exhibition for a total of 4 1/2 hours.

The longest visit was over 12 hours apparently - I could see that happening!

Any gripes about the place?

Well, the Butterbeer didn't live up to what I thought it would taste like and the food in the Back-lot did not have me drooling for any more of it and battling to finish what I had on my plate :(.

But besides that it was incredible!

Other than Harry Potter we did the usual tourist tour as the girls have never been to the UK, so we did Madame Tussauds, the London Eye and the London Dungeons.

madame tussauds London

We ended our trip with a wonderful 2.5 hour trip to Sainsburys :)
There we managed to stock up on long lost favourites like an enormous Marmite or two, Jelly tots, Flake, Crunchies and a Crockpot ;)

My crock has seen better days, and travelling back and forwards around the globe it's buttons no longer want to do what I want of them, so I am a proud owner of a new Crock.

Breville Crockpot

I have been trying it out and have made a couple of meals in it thus far.

One amazing meal was a Chili recipe that I found on Pinterest.

You can read all about the recipe on our Homesteading Blog, and if you also have some tried and tested recipes from Pinterest we would love to have you link them to our Pinterest Linky Party.

Okay, I am off, I really N E E D to get to the end of my Juliana!

I wish you all a good weekend.

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