Tuesday 17 February 2015

Book Review: The Ward

The Ward

ISBN: 9780857895868

When I saw that this title was written by two South African authors I really wanted to read it. The excerpt looked quite good and I hoped for a good read.

The book starts off well enough and it caught my attention for the first couple of chapters. Thereafter I just wanted to finish the book unfortunately.

The story-line is about two characters who end up in hospital in Johannesburg.
Lisa is a plastic op addict of sorts, and Farrell is unsure why he is there. 

The book turns into a weird Sci-Fi story that has a behind-the-scenes, and under-the-hospital, body-morphing and organ-stealing plot.

At this point I found the book to be incoherent with the rest of the story-line, and I found the "Zombie" language to be slightly annoying.

I would have appreciated a much more "down-to-earth" story as the beginning of the book had so much going for it.

For this reason I award this title:

2 Owls

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What have you been reading lately?

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