Monday 2 February 2015

Weekly WIPs


Another week begins and with it a new month :O

What have you been up to this past week?

Let me share what I have been doing with you all :)

First up - Juliana


Hooray, Hooray, I am finally on the sleeves!
As you may know I am a big Second Sock Syndrome Knitter, so anything that comes in twos gets knit together these days!

2 x 2 rib sleeves

I managed to start my sleeves on Friday last week and am progressing nicely. They are knit in 2 x 2 rib which is nice and mindless. The only problem I am experiencing with knitting them together is that I have to continually thread one or the other yarn ball through the back section as it gets wrapped around my needle continuously. But as that is the only problem (it really isn't a "problem" if I think about it) I will suffer through till the end and I hope that end will happen soonish!

On the body of the project I have not yet unraveled all the dropped stitches but I think I will be leaving that until the sleeves are complete as I don't want to be catching them whilst knitting!

felted cat balls

My Cats are addicted to their felted balls that I make for them.
Each year I make about 8 of them and they carry them around like babies - it is so adorable. Our boy kitty constantly drags them outside and we are forever finding felted balls in the street, in the garden and in our neighbours yard :)

As last years supply of these balls has more or less run out, I thought that I would make some more this morning and I will see if the rest of the family each want to make 2 over the weekend so we have a good supply of them again for this year.

Once I had finished making them I placed them on the radiator to dry, but that is by no means a safe place. Our girl kitty woke up and grabbed them off there to begin her playday :)

No sooner had she started our boy was also there to grab his new toy :)
He will now carry this ball around with him for the rest of the day until he loses it under the TV or a bookshelf!

ball love

If you would like to know how I created these balls, you can watch my video where I explain the procedure to you - HERE

Here is a glimpse at some of the Instagram fun they have been having:

A video posted by Natalie Buehler (@marigoldsloft) on

Yesterday was our "Fasnacht" which we love to visit each year. I actually love it when it snows, more reason for a glass of Gl├╝hwein and something yummy and warm to eat :)

Thuner Fasnacht 2015

I love Fasnacht - do you celebrate something similar where you live?

A video posted by Natalie Buehler (@marigoldsloft) on

Reading Wise: I have finished "And the Mountains Echoed" (I will do a book review tomorrow) and have started reading "The Martian". I saw this title last week on a Yarn Along Participants Page and it looked really good. So far I am enjoying this book - as well as my new Kindle ;)

I wish you all a fantastic day and week ahead of you.
I will be sharing this post with all of my Wednesday friends.
See you soon



  1. beautiful sweater and if your at the sleeves well then it's all downhill!! lovely color!

  2. Ooh I do like the look of Juliana!! Lovely colour.


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