Friday 13 February 2015

Sew-A-Long Fun


On Monday when I was browsing through my Instagram feed, I noticed that Libby @ Truly Myrtle had started a Sew-A-Long with fellow Instagramers to make an A-Line Skirt.

You may recall that I had showed you the above material and pattern in a post from the beginning of the year (you can find this post HERE), and so I thought this Sew-A-Long would be the perfect opportunity to get started on sewing these projects.

I didn't use the pattern that Libby mentioned, but used the one I had planned - New Look 6854.

new look 6854

I chose to make view B.


denim A-Line Skirt

The skirt is made of a medium weight denim.

I didn't include the ribbon that should be on top of the skirt.

But.....I had to make a decorative hem! (I can not stay away from decorative stitching no matter how much I try)

denim skirt

With knitting I don't do the swatching (which I should) so it is the same with the sewing, no muslin skirt for me - I just went for it!

The result was that before I added the facing of the waist band I had to add two pleats in the front of the skirt as the waist was a bit too big.

I do like how it turned out though and wore it to work today.
It is a bit hard to see in the image below, sorry about that :)

My only gripe about this skirt......
It constantly rides up my leggings in the front :(

Do I really need to make a petticoat/slip to wear underneath it?
What do you do if your skirts do this? 

If you would like to join me on Instagram I would love that :)

You can find me as marigoldsloft


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  1. You may change the material of your leggins. Silk might help, but I am not sure as I haven't bought silk leggins yet. One pair is not sufficient and they are so expensive. :-) The underskirt is the solution of your (little) problem.


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