Friday 5 June 2015

Friday FO Fun

Friday FO Fun

Friday again, and this week I have managed to move forward with my Kitchen Washcloths and I even managed to do some sewing!

Onion 0004

The lighting is really bad in this photo, and I didn't have an extra hand to help, sorry about that, but I really love these pants.
I am a big harem pants fan and love to wear them in the hot months as they are soooooo comfortable :)

I will definitely be making another couple of pairs of these!

My only gripe about the pattern: it is written in danish, which isn't such a problem and it does come with translated single words, but I still had to piece together what I needed to do! Luckily this was a dead simple pattern to sew, so I don't think too much could have gone wrong, but as a novice sewer it still did make me a little unsure of the next steps!

Washcloth number 4

My Washcloths are complete - and I think my enthusiasm about making them has also been quenched for now (I am also running out of cupboard space so it is a better idea to wait for a while and then as I throw the old ones out to make some new ones!)

Above you see cloth number 4. This is made with a microfibre/cotton blend and is a whiz in the kitchen.

Cloth number 5 is still on my hook unfortunately as I haven't had enough time to get it complete - oh well, I will show it to you next week then!

Tunisian Crochet back and front

What I love about these cloths is their great cleaning properties!!
The back of the tunisian crochet has these cool knobbly stitches which make these cloths a cleaning wonder :)

For those of you who would like to learn the craft of tunisian crochet, you can learn it online HERE

So what have you managed to complete this week?

Feel free to share all your finished objects below :)

Have a great weekend.

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