Friday 26 June 2015

Friday FO Fun

crochet owl

This week I have two things finished and ready to show you.

The first is this cute owl above.

Now I know mine doesn't look very owl-like and that is because I didn't have any buttons on hand for the eyes :( So I added sequins and beads instead, making it look like a totally different animal :O
My beak is also pale yellow instead of orange as I didn't have the right colour or thickness!

Anyway, I wanted to test the pattern to see how simple it is to make and if I could introduce it to some of our clients at work as a quick and simple project.

I will share another with you all soon once I have made it with all the right fibre and extras :)

wrap skirt

Here is my finished wrap skirt.
I hope you can see enough of it......(it is very hard to photograph without teenies who are so adept with their phones :))

wrap skirt

Here is another image of it lying flat.
I find that I do not manage to sew something without giving the edges a certain decorative stitch!

Are you the same or is it just me?

So, what have you managed to finish this week?

I would love to see!
Share your FO's below :)
See you next week.

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  1. Lovely skirt! :-) We made one in school in the 70ies. But now they are hip again. :-)


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