Tuesday 23 June 2015

Summer or Winter?

Wednesday WIP

I don't know how you are feeling on your side of the globe, but where I live in Europe it feels like we are slipping right back into winter today! And that one day after the official beginning of Summer!!!

I was getting comfortable with the idea of plodding along knitting a couple of pairs of socks until the weather turned, but now I may spend my morning browsing through Ravelry looking for some winter woolies!!

No - I will not let the weather deter me, today I have some projects planned and I will pull them through (with gloves on ;))

skirt sewing

After lunch I plan on cutting out and sewing this sweet little wrap skirt.
I still have some material left over from the pants I sewed the other week and it should be just enough to make one of these.

If all goes well I will be sharing the skirt with you on Friday.

Ravelry Socks

I have finally got a move on these socks!
And it is a good thing too, because these are some gift socks for a neighbour of mine who could use some nice warm socks for her birthday which is coming up in October. (I know that seems a way away, but blink twice and it is here!)

tablet weaving

I am also moving forward on my Tablet weaving band.
Above is another band that I started last week, I do love this colour combo :)

As I promised you last week, I have started a mini-series on how to tablet weave. If you missed the first post yesterday, you can find it HERE

Reading Wise: I have managed to start another title this week - I am Livia
I am not far enough into the title to have formed an opinion yet but it does seem to be an easy read.

What have you been up to this week?

I will be sharing this post with all my weekly creative friends, so do stop there for some great inspiration :)

See you soon

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