Monday 29 June 2015

Tablet Weaving 101 - Equipment

Last week I showed you how to make your own set of cards for your tablet weaving.

Besides the cards you will need something to hang your warp off of. Let us look at the various options you have for your warping.

If you have an inkle loom you can use this very easily to warp your tablet weaving warp on.

inkle loom

I would recommend using an inkle loom for projects that are balanced, so the same, or at least similar, amount of forward and backwards turns (We will cover this in a later post)

If you have projects that will only be turned in one direction then an open ended warp, or a back-strapped warp would be advantageous.

To create a back-strapped warp, you will require a back strap as well as something that holds your warp under tension.

Backstrap weaving

tablet weaving equipment


Backstrap weaving

The most commonly used variation of this is made with two pieces of wood (the same size) that have two hole drilled through the bottom piece, and one hole through the top piece.
Through these holes a piece of curved metal is inserted.
At the bottom the curve resides in the second hole, and at the top of the belt, the curve is used to attach a "belt" (this can be made of fine rope, or heavy string)

The other option is a dead basic belt.
You will attach your warp up and over the belt and will need to secure it with a saftey pin.

Next time we will talk about how to understand the warp.
See you soon.


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