Wednesday 5 August 2015

Back to the Real World

WIP Wednesday

Over the last two weeks we have been on holiday.
In our first week we went to visit a dear friend of mine who lives in Leipzig.
What a wonderful visit that was, Leipzig was really quite impressive too! I love the fact that the City had a bit of everything in it, culture, night-life, bicycle riding, an enormous zoo and great food! The only thing it seems that it doesn't have would be hills :)

This week I am back to the real world and am getting into the swing of things here and at work.

We have a market coming up this weekend and I wanted to have a couple of things to display on the table from our institution and so I have been working very intensely on a couple of projects to sell.

Lip Balm Key Rings

As you may know I work in a weaving studio and so the idea is to sell some awesome goodies that have been made from our cloth and /or from our clients by hand.

I came across this amazing idea for Lip Balm Key Rings on Sew 4 Home which has become my new favourite sewing haunt :)

I am going to whip up a couple of these (hopefully they will be ready by Friday) and then I will place them on the market.

Sock wool Bernetta

With this sock wool, I plan to knit up a quick pair of slop socks, but I am not sure these will make it to this month's market.

Handwoven cloth

This handwoven cloth will hopefully be turned into a delightful bag which I will show you more of once it is done.


As for my private WIPs, I am entering the last 5cm of the socks I am hoping to have finished for my neighbours birthday - whew, I will be glad when these are done!

Reading-wise: Still the same as before my holiday. At the moment, I plop into bed at night, with work and making preserves, freezing, dehydrating etc of our summer harvest I haven't the energy to read more than a page at night right now.

What have you been up to this week?

I will be sharing this post with all my creative weekly friends.

See you on Friday :)



  1. Glad you had a great holiday. I love the lip balm key rings, I'm sure they will go down a storm!


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