Tuesday 18 August 2015

Finally Something New!

This year just seems to be running away and I haven't really got around to doing anything major on my needles so far!
Maybe this year it is not meant to be - Big knitted projects I mean.

I have finished a couple of small projects and a pair of socks here and there, but definitely no cardigan and no sweater, but I am strangely okay with that! 

My work takes up a lot of my time this year, and I am finding that by being creative in my work environment hampers the need to be creative as a hobby also! 

Do any of you feel this way too?

The cool thing about leaving my needles alone for a while is that I am discovering other creative outlets that I really would like to research, like sewing and embroidery. I have also had ample time to delve into some interesting titles, so all is good!

Are you getting that chill on your side of the world too?

Autumn is definitely in the air here!

We have had a gorgeous, hot summer this year so the cooler weather is a welcomed change.

But as any other knitter knows, just the smell of cooler weather to come flips on this unseen "Need-to-knit-something-warm" switch which gets me frantically clicking the needles to create something - anything warm!

Staying on the small projects I have opted for some cuffs/sleeves.


I have decided to maybe make these up as I go along, we will see! In any event I have cast on two cuffs and I will keep you updated on how they develop.

Reading wise: Still reading about Beethoven and finding his life rather interesting.

I do actually have a knitted FO to share with you all on Friday, among other things so I will see you then :)

Have a good week :)
See you soon!



  1. Love the colour of your cuffs, they will go with everything.

    1. Hi Lucy,
      You are so right!
      I love this shade of grey, so it is a nice project to knit because of that too :)
      Thanks for visiting

  2. I am always amazed by those of you can make up knitting. I need directions!
    Embroidery is different. I can improvise and design that. There are a lot of great things going on in the embroidery world. I love Jenny Hart's work.

    1. Hi Caffeine Girl,
      I am definitely embroidery challenged, I hope to change that over the next while though! I will be looking into Jenny Harts work, thanks for visiting.

  3. It is hot and humid in Montreal. Phuuuuu! But I love it. :-)


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