Wednesday 21 October 2015

Stuck in a Corner

Wow this week is going by really quickly and with it the progress on our upstairs :)

Because our home is very small right now, this reno is impending greatly on our freedom to move around the house, let alone find a corner to sit alone!

The floors are filled with sawdust and the walls have gapping holes in them, but I wouldn't want to miss it for the world!

The whole process is totally inspiring, yesterday we watched as they lifted all the wooden raw-build onto our old roof with a crane. 
Luckily the weather has been kind to us this week, and if all goes well, we should be watertight by the beginning of next week :)

This week I have had to take my photos on the kitchen unit so I do apologize in advance for all blurring and over-lighting that has happened as a result!

zigzagular socks

My zigzagular socks are reaching their end and I am just about to start with the toe caps.

ben lomond gloves

Hubby's Fingerless gloves have been started and I will be continuing them as I get a moment when he is not around :)

classy slip-up

As soon as my socks are completed I will be starting another Christmas stocking filler - these are for Jas :) The Classy Slip-Up pattern looks like a really nice knit and I look forward to starting them shortly.


My glove order is growing slowly, I am almost at the thumb gusset. I just realized that it almost looks like the one hand only has four fingers, but this is not so :)

Hubby's Cap is finished and I will share it with you on Friday.

I hope some of you will consider joining us for our Shawl-Along happening in December?

There is still time to come and join in!
You can find out more HERE

Reading Wise: I have started a new title, a thriller this time, Near Death

So far it is quite interesting with bits of gore of course ;)

I wish you all a great weekend.

Don't forget to come on over and share your FO's with me on Friday I would love to see what you have been up to! (I will be hosting a Linky here on the blog :)

I will be sharing this with all my creative, weekly friends so pop on over to them and be inspired!

See you soon


  1. your knitting skills are way beyond anything i could even dream of!!! i LOVE and ADORE those socks!!!!! everything about them!!!!

    1. Hi Debbie,
      You are so very kind, thank you :) I think it is all down to practice, practice, practice, and the assortment of materials makes it quite easy because all the yarns are so delicious, it make the deciding what and when to practice all the more easier :)
      Thanks for visiting, have a super day.

  2. oh!!! We're in the middle of a renovation/construction, too.....which resulted in a broken water pipe, which resulted in the need to not simply repair it, but to replace the whole line from our new construction to the street, which has resulted in relandscaping the front yard as well as the back that we knew we were in for (!!!!!)....but.......(holding my breath!) so far nothing else has gone awry!!! :) good luck with yours. (Like you....I'm actually enjoying the process---so far!)


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