Wednesday 14 October 2015

Wintry Wednesdays

Wow, suddenly winter is here!
Snow is expected tomorrow which is wonderful - NOT!
I'll tell you why:

We have started with our home renovations, last Friday to be exact. We are putting in a new floor upstairs and as Murphy would have it, as soon as they removed the roof the wind howled, the rain came gushing down and now we have a prediction of snow!!!

At the moment the only thing between us and the elements is a little piece of plastic :O
I really love winter but I would be grateful if it gave us just one more week of dry weather so we can put our roof back on! 
All in all though it is really exciting and I can't wait until the new roof goes up and the girls finally have a good room each :)

To keep my mind off things I am knitting furiously and have quite a couple of projects going as well as a new Shawl-Along KAL taking place here on the Blog and Ravelry in November!


Doesn't that yarn look yummy?
This is "Gletscher" and it is what I will be knitting my shawl with.

Andrea from Wollehimmel is offering all her gorgeous gradient yarns at a special price for the KAL so do meander over to her shop and check out all the yarny-yumminess!

I would love it if you came along and joined in the fun!
You can find out all about the Shawl-Along HERE

I will be introducing the KAL in a Periscope on Friday (16. October) at 14:00 CET and I would love it if some of you came by and joined me :)


As for this week's WIPs let me show you where I am at:

garnstudio limestone

This is hubby's cap. It is almost at the length to start the decreases and I hope to get there soon :)
It is a really easy, mindless pattern and is great for TV knitting. I will not be changing the Drops Alpaca in this pattern but will be leaving it at the two-tone as it is in the photo above. The combination of the two yarns - Fabel and Alpaca - give it a really nice squishiness.


My Zigzagular socks are growing again :)
I have just finished the heel flap where I used a boomerang heel instead of the conventional heel used in the pattern and I have since managed another two rounds of pattern.

With the cold weather coming up I am looking forward to being able to use these soon!

Hubby has birthday in less than a month so I decided, rather late, to make him another pair of Ben Lomond gloves. He loves these gloves, this is pair number three, and he loves Drops Baby Merino, so this time I am making him a dark brown pair :)

I have finally finished my Under The Same Sky Shawl and will share it with you all on Friday.

Reading-Wise: I am still busy with the same title as last week and still enjoying the book.

What have you been up to this week?

I will be sharing this post with all my weekly creative friends so pop on over there for some super inspiration :)

See you soon - don't forget to join the Shawl-Along :)


  1. Goodness Natalie you do have a lot going on! Did you get snow? We got some in the higher part of our village but it is creeping down slowly, the sky is very 'full' so I'm expecting a few 'flocons' today. Have lots of wood brought in, soup on the stove and some christmas knitting to be getting on with so I'm ready for my snowy day. I hope you got your roof on in time.

    1. Hi Emma,
      No snow just yet! A little higher up the alp it did snow but luckily for us today remained for the most part dry.
      I do hope next week looks better so we can move forward again :)
      Soup, Christmas knitting and a warm home sounds lovely! I so love this time of the year!
      Thanks for visiting.


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