Monday 5 October 2015

The Swiss Wulle Festival Visit in Zug

On Friday afternoon I set off for my 3 hour journey to Zug to join the Swiss Wulle Festival group for their pre-festival Party.

Before I share all my "cool photos" with you, I must apologize for the quality of my images in today's post. I had a whacking headache over the first day and most of the second which I think attributed to the fact that the images kinda looked okay when I gave them a control check, but now seeing them here I keep asking myself how I could have possibly thought they looked good enough!

When I got to the event hall, I was greeted so warmly be Fides, her mom and Gabi that I felt like I had just arrived home!

They are the nicest people you could possibly want to meet, I found myself just wanting to stay and chat to them a little longer :)

They gave me my own pin with the remark "Well, you are one of us aren't you?" - it made me want to cry! 

From the moment I set foot into the hall, I could feel the amount of effort and passion that has been put into making this event a success.

We started off the evening with our Knit-Sip-Cruise - Of course I forgot my WIP bag in my hotel room so I had nothing to twiddle my fingers to, but that was okay I had loads of people to meet and lots of yarnie things to talk about!

The view from the boat was beautiful and the weather was surprisingly accommodating, very warm and comfortable!



lake zug

I got to chat with so many lovely people that I "knew" from their internet presence, and it was so nice to eventually be able to put faces to names.

I got to chat a little with Nancy Merchant and Romi Hill who - in my world- are big celebrities (If you know of my Craftsy addiction, then you will understand why!)

After our dinner and the cruise, I returned to my hotel room in awe and in anticipation of what Saturday morning would bring.

I started off my morning on Saturday by chatting with Woolly Wormhead and Rachel Coopey - Thanks to them I now am planning all the UK festivals I would like to attend next year LOL :)

wooly wormhead rachel coopey

Then I was off to the Festival - it was packed!!

The funniest thing was, you could denote all the festival goers by far by just having a look at what they had around their necks!
There were the Under The Sky Shawls in every variation under the sun!

I saw all of the different kit coloured models, and saw them in completely different combinations too. I met a lovely lady, Andrea, who had knit the shawl in a one-toned salmon colour, it looked gorgeous (Why didn't I take a photo you ask - I am asking myself the same question!)

I managed to grab a couple of pics of a couple of people, usually from a distance and with one hand :O


Here is Sidi and her sister at Sidispinnt stand

Her yarn is G O R G E O U S!
If you have a chance to try it, then do!!

agnes-kutes Kiss Zsuzsa

The designers Agnes Kutas and Kiss Zsuzsa 


The Team of Wollehimmel - Such cool yarns (You will hear more about their yarns in the next couple of days)

And lastly my bought treasures :)
But I will share more on these beauties over the next couple of days!


When I left the festival the sun was out and it was a super autumn day.

I absolutely loved the festival, from beginning to end!
Will I go again - my ticket will be booked as soon as they are available!

Did you miss it?
I will definitely inform you as soon as I hear about the next one don't worry :)

Have a great week!

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