Wednesday 13 July 2016

Feels like Winter

Today is really nippy again, it feels like winter!

I went to work this morning in sandals, and have come home and swapped them for a pair of knitted socks!

Let me start with the socks you see above today.

These are my July Socks

I haven't knit very much on these socks this week, but am trying to dedicate a little time each day so that they can continue to move forward. I want to make the most of the cool weather today and will continue to knit on them as soon as I have got this post out!

I also managed to complete my cat basket and will share it with you on Friday. (Feel free to come back and share your FO for the week, I would love to see what you have managed to complete this week)

Over the weekend I worked intensively on my weaving, which I am happy to say is working well again :)

handwoven danish towel

This is towel one finished..

Towel 2 is also complete :)

I think I probably will only have time on the weekend to complete towel 3, and look forward to working on it when I can!

inkle loom 12/2 cotton

I have also warped an inkle loom with the same colours as my towels for some corresponding tape.

inkle loom

I am really liking how this band is looking :)

pewter picture frame

Kay is off to a wedding on the weekend and I offered to make the bride and groom a personalized photo frame.

I hope to be finished this frame on Friday and will share it with you all next week.

I will be sharing this post with all of my creative friends, so do pop on over there for some inspiration :)

See you soon

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