Wednesday 27 July 2016

I must be a little Sock-Mad!

I am starting tho think that I may a little sock crazy. Everywhere I look I either see sock projects or sock yarn!

I also have the urge to cast on a new pair as soon as the needles are empty, which would be fine if I didn't already have so many waiting for my attention as well as other projects which I would really like to work on!

Above you see a new pair of socks which I cast on on Sunday.

These will be a Christmas gift so I guess that they are excused as they will be going to Kay's boyfriend who really likes knitted socks :)

He has really big feet though, size 46 (US size 13) so I felt I should cast on now so that I have enough time to finish them off.

fine and dandy

Over the last week, I have been cleaning out m craft corner and my Fine and Dandy socks fell into my hands again.

I have now put them in my yarn bowl so that I am forced to look at them continuously until I get going on knitting them up :)

My other soon to be Sock Project is my August pair of Sock-Along socks which I will cast on next Monday.

I have decided to knit next month's pair in Baerenwolle and will cake up my yarn shortly.

I think this delightful blue yarn will go nicely with the pattern which I will be knitting.

Don't forget, if you want to join us in the monthly Sock-Along I would love to have you with us. 
You can find all the info HERE

On other socks news:

I managed to finish my July socks in the nick of time and will share them with you on Friday.

Feel free to come and share any of your finished objects with me then too :)

Weaving Wise:

I have sleighed my reed for my new project and have changed up the heddle pattern slightly removing four threads in the process. 

I hope to have this project in full swing on the weekend.

cross stitch kit

I have also managed to get a little more of my cross stitch project done this week, and look forward to having her hair completed shortly!

Reading wise: At the moment I am in-between books right now and will hopefully have started a new one by next week.

What have you been up to this week?

I will be sharing this post with all of my creative weekly friends, so do hop on over there for some great inspiration.

See you soon

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