Wednesday 20 July 2016

Getting Warmer Wednesday

What can I tell you....the weather is getting warmer, I am extremely busy and am not getting anywhere with my socks :(

I really hoped that this year the heat would not slow my knitting down, but it still looks like that is happening. 
I do hope that I can manage to get these socks off the needles in time for the end of the month deadline!

I have already turned both the heels so I really could stop at any time, but I am not sure that this pattern lends itself to short socks?
Perhaps just a basic ribbed leg shortie would work wouldn't it?

Hmmmmm, that sounds like a plan!

What do you think?

Don't forget if you want to join me in the sock-along I would love to have you along for the ride :)

You can find all the info for the Sock-Along HERE


Besides that, I have been mostly busy with my weaving and after adding the finishing touches have completed them and will share them with you all on Friday :)

(I do host a Linky Party to this end then so do come by and share your FOs of the week with me too!)

My loom has been dressed with the next project and I hope I will find some time this weekend to get a little further with this.

Table runner handwoven

Reading wise - Still on the same title as last week, but I am at least moving forward so that counts right?

How has your week been?

I will be sharing this with all of my creative weekly friends so do pop over there for some great inspiration.

See you soon.


  1. Beautiful weaving! And, yes - the mid-summer knitting slump has arrived here as well!

  2. Lovely socks. I think you do a simple leg.
    My knitting mojo is huge, but that may be because I am spending most of my time embroidering for project with a deadline. All that knitting desire is pent up!

  3. beautiful socks and a lovely toe contrast. It's hot and humid here most of the time, and I'm dreaming of cooler days....but it's going to be quite a while for that!

  4. Your weaving is very pretty. I hope you finish those pretty socks.

  5. They aren't short socks. Let's hope for cool weather. :-))))


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