Friday 8 July 2016

FO Friday Fun

Another week has come and gone and I can't wait to see what you have managed to complete.
Feel free to link your finished objects of the week below.

This week I want to share my hoodie that I made hubby a couple of weeks ago.

Unfortunately, hubby isn't here to wear it whilst I am posting this, but if I have a chance to grab a picture with it one him shortly I will update this post ;)

I made this hoodie from the Kwiksew pattern K3045 (Model B)

kwiksew 3045
I modified it by adding a zipper to the front of the hoodie and pulling the pockets back towards the side seams.

I excluded the ties, but did include some ribbed cuffs inside the sleeves.

Hubby really likes it which is always a bonus ;)

It was a really quick and simple project as I made most of it with the serger!

Sewn with some lined fleece, olive green.

What have you managed to finish this week?

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