Sunday 29 July 2012

Ravellenic Games - Day 2

Another day enjoying the Olympics. It has not been the friendliest of days, so perfect for sitting indoors knitting my fingers to the bone :-D
I must admit though that this project is so cool! I love the motivation of the 17 days. It does keep you moving and knitting! 
Today I have progressed with my pullover and have separated back and front and bound off for the armholes. I should finish the back off tomorrow evening and then it is on to the front!
This wool doesn't really give much away, which is great if I had made some mistakes, but not so great for seeing just how far it has come. 
Anyway - the end result of today's' knitting escapade:
Without Flash

With flash for the colours :-D
See you tomorrow for another update!


  1. That is quite some knitting for one day! :)

  2. Hi Elisabeth,

    I guess it is, but it helps to have an easy knit and to be distracted by the flickering screen :-D
    I don't imagine I will manage this much everyday this week, but I will try.

    Thanks for your support, it is truly appreciated.


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