Wednesday, 11 July 2012

WIP Wednesday / Yarn Along / KAL

Today my post is very late - sorry about that, have not been at home today, so let me get right down to the business!
I have put my Summer Cardigan on hold for the mo as I have been really busy with my Pullover for the KAL :-D
I finished the rows of granny squares for the bottom of the pulli aswell as the sleeves and then I couldn't help myself and had to get stuck into it!
I am about 10 rows away from finishing the back off, and have loved how quickly it has been growing!
I did feel the need to start another project this week :-O, so I cast on for Kay's Pullover which is my second project for the Summer Sweater KAL!
On the reading front, haven't started anything new just yet, been real busy teaching the girls french, and getting my homeschool fix through the holidays which is great!! :-D

Hope you will come past tomorrow to share in Kitchen Krafts.
Tomorrow, I will be sharing a cool South African recipe great for your next BBQ!
See you then :)
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  1. Your projects look great. All the colors are amazing.

  2. Lovely! Isn't it wonderful to see so much progress so quickly, always keeps you motivated and working hard to finish :)

    1. Hi Passionate Design,

      I agree, there is nothing cooler than a project that moves fast!

      Thanks for visiting.

  3. Looking really good! Love the blue with the gray, good choice!

    1. Hi Elisabeth Andree,

      Thank you.
      I was originally going to do the whole thing in the grey, but figured I didn't have enough of the yarn, so as I had the blue left over from the top I made earlier in the year, I thought I would use it, I am liking it so far, hope it will fit in the end! :-D

      Thanks for visiting

  4. I love the colour combination on your granny square pullover. Inspiring, actually.


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