Wednesday 25 July 2012

Wednesday again.......

I can't believe it is Wednesday already! 
I guess it has been one of those weeks :->
Oh well, I haven't been too idle with my knitting and crochet and it has grown slightly.
(The balls of turquoise are going to be the start of a secret something :-D)
First, an update on my crochet project.
Progress-wise I am just about done, all I have to do is sew the arms in and complete the edging, but I just can't bring myself to do just that. I guess it is because it isn't looking that right to me :-( 
What a shame, I keep looking at it hoping to be inspired to finish it off but I just can't be asked! It fits okay and I am kinda happy with the overall feel of the piece, I can't explain it! Have you ever got to the end of a project and felt this way?
On a brighter note, Kay's Pullover is growing well. At the moment it is pretty basic and I am enjoying just being able to knit in the round without paying too much attention to the project just yet.
I love the way the ribbon yarn changes depth of colour throughout the piece (unfortunately you can't really see it in the photo) but it does look rather nice having the light and then the dark purple come through.
As you may already know, on Friday the Ravellenics start. If you dropped by last week you might have read here, so you'll already know that I will be taking part and can't wait to cast on!
On the reading front: 
Still busy with "The Passage". 
As much as this is an interesting read I find that I am not progressing and even though I am reading like a mad hatter, am still only on page 300 odd! In all honesty I am really considering putting it down as I can only bring up so much perseverance for a book and I feel that my limit with this book has been reached. When I think that I have to keep reading for another 600 or so pages I feel exhausted! Not a good sign for a book! Have any of you read this book and would recommend that I keep reading? I keep hoping that in a couple of pages it is going to get extremely interesting, but it never really gets there :-(
Well, that's all from me for today.
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  1. You have made great progress and soon will have fantastic FO

    1. Hi Wool Diaries,

      Thanks so much.
      Have a great day, and a good start on Friday :-D

  2. Oh I do know that feeling! Sometimes it is better to give it a break for shorter or longer time. When you look at it after that pause you know what to do with it. The colors I think are looking quite well.

  3. And then Blogger and I got stuck. I just wanted to say to you, listen to your instinct. Crochet and instinct are a good combo.

    1. Hi Elisabeth Andree,

      Thank you, I think I will do just that, let it lie for a while and then maybe try finish it off when I am ready.

      Have a super day and thanks for visiting!

  4. Hi Kathleen,

    Thanks so much, I hope it will eventually work out, it would be a shame otherwise.

    Have a fantastic day and thanks for your visit.

  5. The purple number is gorgeous already.
    Enjoy the ravel games.

    1. Hi Mistea,

      Thank you, I will.
      Have a great weekend.


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