Friday 17 August 2012

Agenda Lurv

I did mention on Wednesday that I will share my craft project with my agenda with you today. Since I restarted as an advisor and distributor of these amazing crafty Gonis products I needed to refurbish my agenda (Filofax), so I hauled it out of it's storage in the attic and started to get it back into order, and boy did I have fun doing it!
It isn't finished, not by a long shot, but I am on a good path to getting there. I love being able to put my own mark on the agenda making it unique and personal. 
Here is the progress thus-far :-D
The Tabs I have in my agenda:
  • Gonis
  • Misc
  • Wish-Lists
  • Agenda
  • To-Do
  • Projects
  • Planning
  • Notes
  • Web
  • Knitting 
  • Finances
  • Addresses

I want to share how I made this folder to hold little odds and ends.
You will need an A4 piece of card, a saucer (or something to create the round shape), a pencil, ruler, glue, universal paint (I am using GoniDecor).

Fold in half to get an A5 double sheet.
Using the saucer on the folded edge, draw half way around the plate. Then draw a straight line to the opposite edge of the page. Cut around this shape. Unfolded it will look something like this:
Place glue along the edge (where the red lines are) and fold the pages back together and press together.
Punch holes into the straight edge of the folded booklet.
Decorate the page with paints.
And there you go!
If you have any queries about the products I use in these crafty posts please feel free to ask :-D
I will be sharing this over with all the other wonderful people over at:

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